Careers Guidance & Work Experience

At The Sunbeck Centre, we are proud of our flexible and individualised approach to careers learning. Unlike a mainstream school or college, the majority of our students are not going to experience all of our programme during their time at the centre. For some, their contact time with the centre can be as little as six weeks; for most it is around four to six months. This means that our provision is designed to be a rolling programme of curriculum learning, visits and personalised experiences based around the learning outcomes of the Career Development Institute's framework.


This has been found to be the most effective way of running careers provision in the school to allow for the greatest amount of careers experiences and learning to take place in a short amount of time.


Our offer is fully personalised, tapping into the interests and strengths of each student and we adapt the programme to meet the needs of our students at every possible opportunity. For further information about our Careers Programme, please contact our Careers & Guidance Manager, Mrs Drwiega.


Mrs S Drwiega

Careers & Guidance Manager

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Work Experience

All of our students in Key Stage 4 (Y10 & Y11) have the opportunity to undertake extended work experience placements. These are supported by North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnerships (NYBEP) and local employers, who work with our students to provide them with a beneficial encounter with the world of work.

For those students who are not quite ready for independent work experience, Community Venture offers them an opportunity to engage with supported volunteering and community experiences.

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