The Aims of Our Curriculum

Pride Respect Safety


Pupils are encouraged to follow a broad curriculum that is adapted to meet their needs and is based on the National Curriculum. Their learning is personalised, barriers to learning are addressed and pupils are continually encouraged and supported to achieve and make progress. We offer a range of pathways, academic and vocational, including work based learning as part of our Key Stage 4 offer. At the heart of The Sunbeck Centre curriculum are our community expectations of pride, respect and safety with a focus on developing social and emotional learning to support success.

Pupils accessing The Sunbeck Centre have all experienced challenges in mainstream settings. Our ethos of pride is to develop self-confident learners who can show resilience and independence. We aim to develop their skills to re-engage with their school community and become successful in their school environment. For this reason, we place a strong focus on helping pupils to understand their feelings and emotions, using the Thrive Approach to assess and complete reparative work to support emotional development. This enables pupils to take positive next steps in education, employment or training. Pupils all have PSHE on their timetable and have opportunities to explore issues in a safe way. Pride in their achievements and ability to be positive members of the school community is central to the learning at The Sunbeck Centre.

Respect for all, including themselves, is woven through the curriculum at The Sunbeck Centre. Subject teachers have high expectations of their pupils and lessons are well planned and delivered with the aim of establishing a learning culture that celebrates achievement and effort both academically and in their personal development. Pupils follow GCSE and BTEC courses in Key stage 4 and achieve nationally recognised qualifications. They learn new skills in work-based learning and achieve the requirements to make their next steps in education, training or employment.

The safety of our pupils is paramount and we work closely with families to increase safety in the community. This is part of our curriculum delivered by our Key Tutors and in PSHE and IT lessons. Pupils regularly take part in pastoral discussions during our supervised lunchtimes as well as 1:1 sessions with their tutor. The needs of each individual are coordinated in their Individual learning Plan (ILP), including learning and social, emotional mental health (SEMH) needs. Wellbeing is addressed across the curriculum and the staff at The Sunbeck Centre strive to support all students to remain safe in school and in their communities.

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